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Q: how do you accessorize? like how do you decide if something is too much or.. I don't wear too many accessories usually just a watch and necklace tops. today I was wearing like 5 rings altogether and my usual watch and I was getting compliments on it all day, then I got home and my dad just slammed it lol. he said wearing too many rings looks cheap or something. Idk..what's your opinion on it?

lol who cares? if YOU like it thats all it matters

asked by subsexxt
Q: hiiii, you're so gorgeous and lovely and i'm so envious of your wardrobe!! how would you style a royal blue, long sleeve, turtle neck crop top from american apparel? i bought one because it was so pretty and flattering but now have no idea what to wear it with, either for day or evening. helppp xoxoxo

with mom jeans or a school girl plastid skirt and slip ons!

asked by feuliage
Q: Hi, what advice can you give to new fashion bloggers who are trying to gain a huge following ?

just be yourself and post regularly!

asked by pomegranatextree
Q: hey :) where could i buy some patterned snake skin/croc skin or pony hair skater shoes? thanks xxx

Have a look at these!


asked by e-mporiopastrami
→ An outfit for your next gig or music event!


So! Super exciting news, for this post I’m actually collaborating with H&M to bring you guys an outfit that is perfect to for attending a music event or gig!

These are my safe go to options as I don’t dance around much or get involved with mosh pits. So here’s the first one is for a really laid…

Q: hey, i just wanted to know if you know where i could get a sequin crop/normal top? thanks lovley x

Choies, romwe, boohoo!

asked by x-patience-x
Q: How would you style a oversized white t shirt dress without having to have bare legs? Btw you looked amazing at #LFW congrats on Vogue papping you, your doing really well keep it up x

thanks! with knee high socks and boots or ripped skinnies and flats!

asked by cocoazia
Q: what is one thing you feel insecure about about yourself? im sorry if that question is too personal :)

my teeth! 

asked by astheoceanwavescrashed
Q: Hello,firts im in looovee with ur style!!!! And i wanted to know can u please put the link of the camel coat that u wear. Thank you!x

Thank you! It’s sold out I’ afraid and I bought that about a year ago!

asked by youngg-sperspective