This blog is just what I wear, not my personal blog!All photos are mine.

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Business enquiries:

Q: hey girl! do you have Pinterest?

No i don’t :)

asked by fillwhatisempty
Q: Oh my! So glad I found your tumblr! :D

thanks! :)

asked by juliaandrsn
Q: did you pierce your septum?! how was the process?

No it’s a fake one from regal rose!

asked by juichlo
Q: Love your style! (:

Thank you!

asked by priti-kaur
Q: you are so pretty and i love your style. in your videos you looked tall but you aid youre short? how tall are you?:)

Thanks! I’m 5’3

asked by angelayip
Q: Hi, if you were going to a family black tie event what would you wear? I love your style x

A high neck maxi dress 😊

asked by hannahhtumbllr
Q: hey :) what camera do you use? thank you! btw love ur style

My iphone mostly to take photos

asked by stylestreetfashion
Q: Hi! I wanna wear a striped t-shirt dress for my first day back to school, how would you style it? Please help I wanna make a lil edgy but not as plain.. Love your style

Platform boots & a duster coat?

asked by forbiddengold
Q: Do you attend a college that focuses on fashion? Do you work in the fashion industry? (Fashion marketing, merchandising, design, advertising, etc)

I don’t go to college or uni. & yes I work as a fashion blogger and youtuber

asked by euphoric-universe