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Q: the link you gave for the 3 black winter boots took me to the uk version of the store and when i switched to the us store, they said they weren't available. do you know anywhere else where I can get them

Hmm check out zara and topshop?

asked by noctuxnal
Q: Can you suggest any boots for winter? I've been looking everywhere but still can't find good ones :(

Yeah sure! How about these?


asked by fraihs
Q: Hi! Can you recommend black duster coats that will be warm enough in the winter?

asked by quaffle
Q: hey doll, i'm in search for simple black short dress, preferably backless but i can't seem to find one, any ideas? it's for a year ten semi formal ( please reply privately so i don't miss your answer ahah ) xxx

How about these?


asked by cheekyriot
Q: Hey I adore your blog! I was wondering were are the overalls you wore in your swap video from or were could I get some similar thankyou x

it’s a vintage piece from depop!

asked by icet-ea
Q: what exfoliator do you use and what's your skincare routine/products? xx

asked by pristinejustine
Q: How did you turn blogging into a full time job? Adore your blog! X Thanks! x

asked by echoesofsilencexoxxxoooxo
Q: just wanted to tell you that you seem like a really genuine and nice person! your tats are rad plus your style but i guess you have heard that millions of times

aw thank you so much!

asked by brandaddicts