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Q: i REALLY need your help!!! i have so many 18ths coming up but no outfits.... i was wondering if you knew any good cheap online shops that sell party outfits (but sorta a bit more casual, i'm not very girly and i wear a lot of blacks) that i could get some stuff from?? i dont wear heels either i normally just wear platforms at parties so i look pretty casual i guess... HELP PLEASE I NEED YOUR GORGEOUS ADVICE XXXX

Missguided, boohoo, prettylittlething, dark pink london, oh my love, weekday and monki x

asked by biz-arre
Q: favorite fashion blog by far, I find so much inspiration here. thank you!

Thanks so much!

asked by okidkwhattosay
Q: I'm honestly so obsessed with your videos! I can't stop watching them! You literally have the best sense of style xx

aw thanks so much! new up is up!

asked by seek-eudaimonia
Q: You've got a beautiful eye for beautiful clothes, beaut.

thank you :)

asked by learnajc
Q: do you know any places to get a dress/skirt for a wedding? ive checked almost everywhere including missguided, boohoo, forever 21, asos, thank youu x

check out dark pink london!

asked by 07538
Q: 안녕 ☺️✌️ I love ur blog & YouTube channel so much & I was wondering if u know where I can buy baggy/boyfriend flannels? 😌🌸💗

thank you! zara, topshop, urban outfitters, beyond retro, anything vintage or thrift shop and ebay!

asked by blissnoir
Q: I'm going shopping this weekend and am getting Birkenstocks and am torn between black or white. I primarily wear neutral colors and don't know which would be the best decision. Which do you think will be more worth it and versatile?

I like black as it goes with everything!

asked by taylerseverance
Q: Your style is emaculate. Your literally one of my favourite bloggers cause your so consistent and creative! Lots of loove X

Thank you so much!

asked by ogelife
Q: hi, just wondering what you would pair with black pencil skirts for different events? (Parties, formal, casual) Thanks so much x

Blouses, crop tops with leather hackets, loose knits, textured tees, camis ect!

asked by cohmatose
Q: What's your favourite clothing store?

Zara most likely

asked by alulae
Q: ahh how do you keep your figure!!

I just walk alot :)

asked by sickwithbliss