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Business enquiries:

Q: Love your YouTube videos and blog so much! You have amazing style!!

Thank you lovely!

asked by rlyspaced


Minimal with Missguided <3

Q: You are so beautiful! You inspire me to get out of my comfort zone and be bold with fashion. X

thank you! yay! i’m glad you feel that way :D

asked by iamproenzayouarecrocs
Q: what video camera do you have?

nikon 1 j2 and canon legria miniĀ 

asked by jenbenna
Q: Oh my god i'm in love with your tattoos xx

Thanks :)

asked by im-fat-and-i-know-it
Q: How did you get into modeling?

Im not a model

asked by mrslaurent
Q: Do you have a tattoo video on youtube? If not you should so do one because from what I've seen your tats are so beautiful x

Yes i do

asked by fragilefauna
Q: I love you your just the best basically.

aw thank you :]

asked by qua-therebel
Q: would recommend getting shoes from missguided ?

yeah i would :]

asked by littlexscarlet
Q: How old is your sister btw and is she into photography or does she take your photos as chores?

she’s 11 and yeah she loves photography. Chores? no…

asked by shezthebaddest
Q: real talks your blog and style is everythangg!!!!

thank you :]

asked by miseducationofmary