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Business enquiries:

Q: hi! what camera do you use for your pictures on your blog please? also did you cut your jeans from topshop yourself or did you buy it like that? love your style!

my iPhone 5s :) no i bought them like that x

asked by arcticxmind
Q: And how do I keep ur hair so lush but with a kind if 'messy' look haha

i just do messy beach waves and spray sea salt spray :]

asked by ksui
Q: please blog more you have killer style

I’m trying to :) Been pretty busy lately! Thanks!

asked by ksui
Q: How much are the camel knitted sweats from Zara!? Haven't had a chance to pop in and look and they look soooo good!

£25.99 i think!

asked by ppppeaches
Q: Love love love your newest video !!

Thank you!

asked by lazyfawns
Q: do you have a link for the camel knitted sweatpants?

Yeah in my latest video

asked by juxtop
Q: hey! i know you probably get this a lot but do you have any tips for someone that wants to start a fashion blog? p.s I love your brows and style

Aw thanks! I made a video on it here:

asked by fr0zen-0cean
Q: Where did you get your hair/extensions from

I go to

asked by mainstreammistress
Q: Which branch did you find your primark trench coat in? The one from your three outfits video that you just uploaded x

reading x

asked by guurlnxtdoor



Q: Where did you get your name necklace from?

asked by be-swicth
Q: what length did u get ur name necklace?

18” i think!

asked by likeabravee